Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Mid-Twenties Crisis

There have been a few articles whizzing around online about the Mid-Twenties Crisis lately, so I thought I'd give my two-pennies worth as well.

For us mid-twenty somethings, by the time graduation is over and done with, you've either traveled across twenty countries or settled in a job, moved back home or renting in a obscure town at an extremity of the central line. Before you know it, you're in your mid-twenties wondering how the time went so fast! Then come the thoughts, maybe I'll try...shall I just...the former are followed by re-train for 7 years to become a Doctor...just pack everything in and beach hop in Australia...or stroll along.

There crisis sets in, its the now-or-never attitude, us twenty-somethings are weighing it up, c'est la vie 'this is growing up, and taxes, working-weekends and unpaid electric bills are life', with the attitude 'you're only young once, if 50's the new 40, I've got 10 years still!'

Finance is now a part of life, some are scouting the best investment ISA's and for others issues start to arise, once bills, astronomical rent, travel and necessary post-work refreshments are dealt with, pennies barely chime in the bank and you remember that beach hopping in Australia using Google Maps or your friend the Investment Banker's Snapchats are a close as your going to get.

Those who have settled down with the other half of eight years, rooming, baby planning, engaged, are selecting new bathroom interior schemes and for all of those mid-twenty singletons out there, ending a great date with a night cap, prior to the hour and a half commute home doesn't scream the Sex & The City lifestyle that Carrie captivated us with!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about the optimism. However, the mid-twenties are just one of those crossroads where some people hit the red lights down the freeway and others are just green all the way down.

Contented, loving or loathing your mid-twenties? 
Spill all about it below!


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