Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Once in a while, whether its for a flight or early morning event, you have to deal with a super early start - I'm talking a 4am wake up. Now I'm not an early bird, I like my eight hours or more and I definitely don't find those early mornings easy but here's how I've found to make them a little more pallatable:


If you are getting up early for a flight, pack the night before, plan your airport clothes the night before and leave yourself a checklist for the morning so there's no last minute panic. If it's for a work meeting or event, do the same. Get your outfit out the night before, leave yourself a checklist at the front door so you don't forget anything in the morning. Most importantly, plan ahead throughout the week so you can leave the office the day before at a decent time and fully prepared for the meeting or event the next morning.


Now hopefully you would have considered your route to the airport, event or meeting beforehand and this will impact on your wake up time. But it's critical to plan your route. Early in the morning public transport is less frequent and taxis will be few and far between. Book tickets or taxis in advance as it's one less thing to think about in the morning - this means more precious minutes in bed!


Might seem simple right? I always need as near to eight hours as possible, so if I have to be up at 4am I am in bed by 9pm at the very latest. I'm so rock 'n' roll. Planning your evening so you can get to sleep at a decent time before an early wake up makes it a little easier in the morning.


Once again, not rocket science I hear you say. I'm a snoozer usually, but on these mornings where I can't snooze at all, I put my alarm on the other side of the room. I have to physically get up to turn it off and that helps me get out of bed on those super early starts.

If you've got an early start, face it head on and good luck. I've got a 4am-er tomorrow so I feel your pain!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

black friday sales are happening now

Black Friday is still a few days away but some stores are offering discounts now and in the lead up to the weekend. Here's my pick of some of the best available now:

Full price items: 30% off online

Final clearance: up to 70% off
Full price items: up to 30% off

up to 60% off on shoes and accessories

24% off everything for 24 hours with the code: BUYME

30% off and free deliveries and returns
Code: N6D5

Up to 40% off products online

50% off everything with the code: CYBER50

30% off a big selection of products

30% all departments excluding beauty and fragrance with 10% off

40% off & free shipping with the code: THANKU

Keep your eyes peeled for more codes throughout the week 


Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Sunday Post: To cancel or not to cancel?

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I was reading this article a few weeks back, where Pandora and Dolly from The High Low write in Red Magazine for and against canceling or 'flaking' around the Christmas season. I'm definitely team Polly on this issue. Whereby, it's okay to cancel, or flake, and I am okay being the person that is canceled on. In fact, I had one of those scenarios yesterday.

After a long, stressful week of the 9-5 (well 5am - 6pm if last week is anything to go by!) I was completely shattered and made the honest cancellation call to a few people very close to me. Needless to say, they were completely understanding, something I hope I extend to cancelers in my own life!

However, there can be a time, something I have encountered very recently too, where cancelers cancel with a bit of a fib. This is the scenario where I'd have to say it's not okay (especially if you get caught out!) i.e. canceling on Peter to go out with Paul. With invites a plenty in the run up to Christmas clashing plans is inevitable. You might commit to a date when something else comes in and you're wondering whether to cancel one and attend another...

Let me back track a minute - I mean, I get that this happens. Some people are super prepared with plans, other crop up last minute posing a problem of commitment vs. preference, other times, you just don't fancy doing anything, don't have an excuse and aren't sure how to break it. You've already committed to one and need to back out or really want to go to the other - it's tricky.

Let's take this scenario (this is a generic example FYI): a hot date comes in and instead of going against all 'girl code' rules an canceling on your friend for a guy, you fake a headache that frees you up to go on the date. Okay - fair enough. But remember, don't post your drinks boomerang on social media, don't go to the bar frequented by your canceled bff. In short, I'd say 'fess up as soon as you can or commit to your original plan. Chances are if you don't 'fess up, you'll forget you canceled and end up telling your bff about the hot date you had on Tuesday...which could end awkwardly. If the receiver of the cancellation is close enough to you and you respect them enough, they will understand and you can reschedule. They will value your honesty, which is important in any relationship and speaking from my own experience this week,  I'd rather the honesty policy - it's not nice for anyone to find out third hand they were runner up.

Which side of the fence are you on when it comes to canceling?!
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