Monday, July 22, 2019

Top 5 tips to deal with office frustrations

1. Take a deep breath

It might sound a little cliche, but taking a few deep breaths really does help when you're trying to stay calm under pressure or keep your emotions in check.

2. Maintain perspective

In close proximity in open-plan offices, or in situations where you have spent a lot of time effort on something, it can be very easy to get wound up or show frustration. The little things can escalate and get blown out of proportion. Try to keep perspective. Try talking to friends and family about their jobs, their circumstances, and try to maintain a diverse network. Understanding other peoples challenges, and frustrations can help to maintain perspective on yours.

3. Use the rule of 72

There is a rule of 72, meaning you allow yourself 72 hours to let the situation and your emotions simmer down after the event. This can be particularly helpful in an office environment where you are in close proximity to the situation or colleagues and you need to allow yourself the time and headspace to calm down.

4. Remain rational; it isn't personal

Sometimes, the way a person or situation evolves says more about the other parties involved than you. Remember that canceling a project you spent time on, disagreements on agenda, actions, ideas or programs, aren't personal. They are probably just not on the companies agenda, not a priority for those higher up, or demonstrate exertion of power, agendas, or emotions of others. Raise your views in a professional manner, then, whatever the outcome rise above it all with the tips above, try not to take it personally, and get on with the job that you are paid to do - whatever that might be.

5. Stay constructive and talk

The saying "a problem shared, is a problem halved" is something I have found to be very true. Sometimes, you need to vent and talk about a problem or frustration. The key thing to remember is to get it out, then park it and move on. If you do feel inclined to vent to someone in the office that you trust, remember to try to remain constructive and professional.

What are your top tips for dealing with office frustrations?


Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to reignite passion for your career

Sometimes in your career there are times when it isn't all smooth sailing, as Cheryl Sandberg says, 'its not a career ladder; its a career jungle'. When it isn't all going to plan and you've lost a bit of that passion, here's how to reignite it.

I'm ever the over-thinker and I don't promote you reflect to that extent for a moment, but if you are struggling to find passion in your career, reflecting and thinking about where you are and what is contributing to your loss of passion is fundamental to putting steps in place to change it. If you understand what is making you feel a certain way; then you can proactively address ways to overcome it.

In the day to day routine, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Taking some time off can help with your reflection and also reinvigorate your mindset for when you go back to work after a week or two off. Yes, I fall fowl to returning to work from holiday with the 'holiday blues' now and again. But, I'll admit, I also feel energised to get back into projects and start a fresh with my work once I'm over the blues in a day or two!

What is it that gets you up in the morning? Think about what you love, what is your life passion? Is your career your passion, or does it serve a purpose too fulfill your life in other ways. There is no right answer here, whether you love to live for your work, or work to live a life you love.

Is there anything wrong or is it your mindset? When you have reflected, taken some time away from the daily grind is it your mindset that needs a reset or is there something else you need to change? If you still do what you love, if you are still interested in your career, like your environment, and there are opportunities to learn, grow and develop is it your mindset that is distracting you and stopping you recognising this? Undertaking steps 1, 2 and 3 will help you identify what is affecting your passion and identify its a mindset change that will reignite your passion.

Now if it isn't a mindset change, if you've reflected, taken some time off and know that you aren't doing what you love, it is possible that you just can't reignite your passion for the career you are currently in. Maybe, it just isn't what fulfills you at the core. If that's the case, it might be time for a change. Change of career, change of environment, change of working hours if your priorities have changed.

If you've lost a little of the passion in your career, good luck reigniting it

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Do you need a digital cleanse? Here's how

Let's face it, in today's age, we are more connected to phones, tablets, and laptops than we are to each other in some instances. We're more likely to text, email or type than talk face-to-face or pick up the phone and I for one feel a little disconnected by all of this connectivity. I'm making a conscious effort to be digitally productive and am starting with a digital detox to rid me of some of the habits I've become attached to.

The New Year is a great time to have a digital cleanse and a little time out from a 24/7 world.

Here's how to digitally cleanse and the steps I've taken so far this year:

1. Streamline your email inbox.

Unsubscribing from all of that promotional and junk mail is so very SATISFYING! It's so time efficient too - now rather than trawling through heaps of junk mail, deleting, feeling overwhelmed by the fact I have taken a 30 minute break from my computer and returned to 46 emails, I now know I only receive genuine, actionable emails. This also means, that I don't have 'the fear' of being away from my emails for too long in case they build up. I can check my inbox periodically in the day and that leads nicely on to step number two...

2. Set clear time parameters.

I set clear time parameters as to when I check email, social media and my phone. Now I'm not going all regimented, but I make a conscious effort in the mornings to not check my phone until I am on the train on my commute. I use the time on my journey to catch up, get set up for the day, catch up with friends, and update my social media channels for the day. By the time I get to the office, my urgent emails have been dealt with and I can get started on my important tasks for the day and not get digitally side tracked! I'll check emails every few hours to keep on top of any urgent tasks, my phone at lunchtime, then do the same morning train routine on the commute home.

3. Sleep with your phone OUTSIDE your bedroom.

This might sound crazy - but the best thing you can invest in is an alarm clock! Leaving your phone outside your bedroom will stop the blue light disturbing your sleep and stop you checking your phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I've been getting the best night's sleep reading a paper book before bed and leaving my phone in another room!

4. Leave your devices indoors.

Once per day, I like to take a walk, go out to lunch, or just get out and about without my phone. That’s right I leave it indoors, in my bag or at my desk. I completely remove myself from all digital devices, my computer at my desk, phone is left indoors, tablets aren’t anywhere to be seen and for a good 10 minutes to half an hour at the very least, I am completely disconnected.

5. Track your screentime.
Download an app like Moment and it will track your screen time - it may well shock and surprise you! When you know how much time you are spending on your digital devices and you consider that you could take up a new hobby, spend time on a freelance project, or even just meditate and take some time out for a little mindfulness it might make you think twice.

Are you considering a digital detox or cleanse this New Year or have you thought about how much time you spend online?

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